Jeff Ledellaytner - Editor

Jeff may be Boston's most well rounded editor. You might come in looking for a simple rough cut, and walk out with a great edit, tricked out with hip logo animations, custom sound design and a perfectly selected track to match your piece. You may not have guessed, but Jeff also performs as and produces rap albums under the moniker "Super Bobby". Jeff also brings a wealth of shooting experience to Spot. He has been making short films for over fifteen years. His keen sense of timing and cinematic style have been recognized by the Gadabout Traveling Film Fest and the Syracuse International Film Fest. Jeff throws himself into every aspect of his life. When he's not working, he's usually snowboarding or skateboarding... or shooting his swimming hole Sundays documentary, or making his next rap album, or performing as Super Bobby, or cycling, or rock climbing, or editing side jobs for Burton Snowboards, or shooting new films, or running his Street Dodge Ball league in JP, etc, etc., etc., etc. It's exhausting being Jeff.
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